WARNINGLync Server 2010 Deployment Should Be Performed by Highly Experienced Systems Architects Only

The Lync Server deployment process is not for the faint of heart. It ranks up there with some of the more complex Microsoft deployments and could be compared, in its level of complexity, to an Exchange 2010 Deployment.

WTI Networks can help you navigate though the decision points you will face during a Lync deployment. It is important to give you everything you need and allow for future growth, without going overboard. All components and servers should be well thought out and justified. Our experience with this product gives us an experienced point of view when it comes to important decision points.

Even the most straight forward version of a Lync 2010 deployment (Single Consolidated Server) is anything but intuitive.

The reference topology below refers to an implementation with high availability and a single data center. It is designed for a small-to-medium size organization with one central site. The exact topology in the following diagram is for an organization of 15,000 users. Typically, the type of topology shown in the following diagram is recommended for organizations with 5,000 to 30,000 users, but it can support over 30,000 users.

Reference topology with high availability and a single data center



MORG reference