1. Review SCCM Supported Configurations

2. Review SCCM Release Notes (located in the root SCCM installation media folder, some additional hotfixes may be required as noted in the release notes)

3. Review SCCM Capacity Planning Details

4. Install Windows Server 2003

5. Install Windows Server 2003 SP2

6. Install Windows Deployment Services (PXE support included in Windows Server 2003 SP2) from Add/Remove Programs - Windows Setup

7. Review SQL Server Preparation for Setup

8. Install SQL 2005 Standard or Enterprise Edition

9. Install SQL 2005 SP1

10. Install WSUS 3.0 (default installation, select custom website, and do not configure after installation)

i. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=89379

ii. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb693980.aspx

11. Install SQL 2005 SP2(SP2 causes issues with WSUS 3.0 installation in some cases, so install SP2 after WSUS 3.0)

12. Extend Active Directory and Configure ‘System Management’ container permissions

13. Review SCCM Installation Flow Chart

14. Run SCCM Prerequisite Checker from the SCCM installation media (run spalsh.hta, select the checker, and install/configure any identified issues or hotfixes)

15. Install SCCM(run spalsh.hta, custom installation recommended)

16. SCCM Post Installations Tasks

17. Configure SCCM Software Updates

18. Configure WDS/PXE Support

WTI Networks will step in when all resources have been exhausted.  Deep rooted problems in Active Directory, DNS, Schema, Routing, VLAN, Switching, Firewall, VPNs, Authentication, and much more require a vast overview of all technologies involved.

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We are accustomed to various types of building structures and unique environments.  Looking for security, speed, excellent product choices, and neatly done work?  These are all trademarks of a WTI Networks installation.

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